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At SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions we offer a large variety of signage solutions.



Stickers & Promotions
Need stickers or promotional material; we can create stickers in a variety of sizes, shapes & colours, just the way you want it, to suit what every occasion you have.

Stickers can be glossy or matt finish, and all stickers can be printed on material that is waterproof to avoid any weather damage.

'A' Frames and or Sandwich Boards
We can manufacture 'A' Frames in various sizes & shapes; free standing footpath signs are a great way to attract new customers who are walking past on the footpath. You can use these signs to introduce special offers or to simply tell the public your business operating hours.

'A' Frames are a cheap & proven way to increase the foot traffic into your businesses, this is why they are one of our popular items.

Vinyl Cut Lettering
SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions manufactures quality vinyl cut lettering & graphics using state of the art computer aided technology. A vast range of lettering styles, Fonts & Colours are available.

Plan Printing
SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions can print all your plans from A4 right up to A1 in both colour of plain Black & White.

Wide format digital printing
At SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions, we can design a wide format digital printing for a number of different applications:

  • Vinyl signage
  • Banners
  • Signage skins
  • Large Posters
  • Vehicle Wraps

We can produce high quality interior or exterior wide format digital signage, so if you need large signage solutions for permanent fixtures or specific promotions, we can help you.

Illuminated Signs, light box signage and or Directory Signs
SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions can create stylish directory signs & light box signage for your foyer or reception area.

We can also create signage for other public areas; we make safety signage & point of sale signs.

Real Estate Signage
We can create Cor-flute Real Estate Signage or semi-permanent signage boards that can withstand harsh elements.

Safety Signage
We all know that safety is really important, especially with all the health and safety laws in place,and so, having the right type of safety signage is not only required by law,but is also the most responsible thing to do.

SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions works with various materials to ensure that we manage a full range of solutions for your safety needs. Whether you need safety signage on or with a reflective surface or just some directional signage, SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions can help you..

Screen-printing T-shirts & Caps
For T-shirts & Caps Screen-printing is the most versatile of all printing sources, we use this process to create low cost high impact signage solutions.

We have used screen-printing on our T-shirt & Cap Signage and find that it is a popular value for money choice.

Shop Fronts
Moved into a new shop recently or is it time to change your window display; SOS Signs Stickers & Promotions can offer a full shopfront display service. We can deliver a design that suits the front of your building or make a number of suggestions for you to choose from.

Changing your shop front window is a good way to attract new clients and customers – regular passers by will notice a difference in the shops display, which will result in more traffic into your shop.