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We specialize in commercial & trade vehicle signage and are capable of creating and installing fully custom design vehicle wraps.

Car signage is a must in the world of marketing these days, we are subjected advertising every day thanks to billboards, building signage, other vehicles, as well as what we see on TV or hear on the radio. The key is to have vehicle signage that stand out from the crowd and grab your attention. SOS Signs can customize and design the right vehicle signage for your business.

Vehicle services we offer:

  • Rear Window Signage
  • Boot Signage
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Custom Signage
  • Promotional Vehicle Signs
  • Trade & Commercial Vehicle signage


Vehicle Wraps transform a Vehicle into moving Billboards

Vehicle wraps are modern hi-tech vinyl coverings that are directly adhered to a vehicle; these are frequently used for vehicle advertisements, fleet livery & other kinds of promotions. Before the development of vehicle wraps, the vehicles were covered with decals, lettering or paint for advertisement purposes, but they had negative effects including decreased value of the vehicle from fading, painting and discoloration. Vehicle wrap is carefully applied to the body of a vehicle, and when it is ready to come off, it can be easily peeled off leaving the original paint work on your vehicle underneath untouched.

Application of Vehicle Wraps

You can get a vehicle wrap applied on to most parts of your vehicle, including the rear window, front, sides, back and roof of the vehicle. While vehicle wraps can also be used on personal cars, they are usually applied and designed for commercial or trade purposes, thus transforming the vehicle into a moving bill-board. Conventional media forms of advertising are pricey, promotion with vehicle wraps is quite affordable.

Vehicle Wrap Physics

Colorful graphical designs on a vehicle are sure to grab the attention of people walking past. Several businesses have recognized the effectiveness of vehicle wraps, and have implemented them into their promotion plan. Customizing vehicle wraps allows the people on the road to read about products or services being advertised; organizations have experienced substantial increases in their sales due to advertising through these vehicle wraps. Advertising your brand with vehicle wraps is a great way of increasing brand awareness; you can drive the vehicle directly near your target audiences, such as into trade shows, special events, concerts, sporting events etc.